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HCG Diet Makes You Lose Weight in No Time

HCG diet advocates say you can lose pounds without the hassle of doing so. You can see how your flabs melt away. You want to lose weight fast that you become very interested on trying a new weight loss plan.

You hear about successful stories of persons losing weight on TV, newspapers and magazines that you want to follow their path too. Annually, it seems many press releases about newer diet programs are out.

Just like other weight loss plans like “South Beach”, “Dukan”, “Atkin’s”, “Cohen”, HCG diet is a much talked-about remedy for trimming down.

HCG Diet

This is a diet fad that gained much popularity quickly because of various testimonials about its success in weight loss. Coupled with a great marketing strategy, it is impossible that HCG diet won’t get much attention from weight-watchers.

Celebrities who have tried this weight loss plan vouch of its effectiveness which explains the “bandwagon effect”.

However, reports warning about the dangers of weight loss schemes which involve cutting down large amounts of food from different food groups came out. You have been warned about these diet fads.

Also, many stories from customers who are unsatisfied of HCG diet have raised a controversy about such weight loss plan.


500 Calorie Limit

You can survive having a low calorie diet for several weeks and months. Is it for long term? That answer is a big “NO”.

HCG diet allows you to trim down fast yet its protocol can only be followed within a short span of time. When you content yourself with a 500 calorie intake a day, you allow your system to burn body fat for energy.

This is why you are likely to lose a lot of weight for sure.

However, the downside of HCG diet is that it may deprive you of the essential nutrients your system needs. Think of the different nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbs, essential fatty acids and antioxidants that you will be depriving your body of.

Those various HCG diet menus are available to keep your system properly working, nutritional deficiency is not uncommon.


How is It Done?

HCG diet will require you to eat within a limit of 500 calories a day. This involves several phases. You may be required to walk an hour a day, take HCG supplements and eat an apple daily.

There are different HCG diet menus from which you can choose from. However, this type of diet plan will make abrupt changes to dieting which can leave you unwanted effects especially when done inappropriately.

What are HCG Injections?

Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone of pregnancy. It is derived from the placenta of a pregnant woman. It is made into a synthetic substance which you can have through an injection.

This is said to stifle your appetite which allows you to adhere to a low calorie diet such as in HCG diet. However, some health experts do not believe such effect from the synthetic hormone.

Though HCG works in regulating other hormones in pregnancy, it does not cause significant changes to dieting as claimed by some scientists.

Aside from not getting much benefit from an HCG injectable, you can put your health at risk of developing serious health conditions.

Since human chorionic gonadotropin regulates other hormones in the body, you can alter the hormonal balance within your system. This may lead to medical problems such as forming cysts and tumor growths.


There are some health experts who believe that the synthetic form of HCG does not cause significant changes in weight loss promotion. It does not curve appetite according to some.

You can cause hormonal fluctuations by getting HCG injection specifically on the hormones progesterone and estrogen.

Health experts warn you of the risks of developing ovarian cysts and tumor growths in getting shots of the synthetic hormone. Cancer is definitely a concern in such case.

What HCG Diet Advocates Say

You may have heard about fascinating weight loss testimonies about HCG diet. HCG advocates such as doctors who offer services to their clients using such diet plan protocol believe that indeed this method of losing weight is effective.

Taking different HCG menus will prevent nutritional deficiencies to occur. This type of weight loss plan needs close supervision by an HCG Diet specialist. You may need to have clinic visits for your progress to be monitored, to get shots of synthetic HCG and for health reasons.

Must you try this diet fad? You are to decide on this matter. Weigh the benefits and the risks you may get from HCG diet.

Is HCG Diet for You?

You are so desperate to lose weight. You want to trim down fast that a weight loss plan like HCG is one of your options. However, know more about this diet fad before entrusting your health to it.

You know the effects of crash diet to your body. Is it a long term diet plan? You may agree that eating within a 500 calorie daily requirement is not a great idea.

Do a more in-depth background check on HCG diet plans before trying it!


Phen375 – Guaranteed Weight Loss with Pharmacy Quality Ingredients

Phen375 is an FDA approved diet pill  that has proved to achieve surprisingly positive results. Read on to find out more about it. In a world where obesity has become quite literally a global epidemic, the proper use of a high quality diet pill can go a long way toward promoting safe weight loss and improving appetite suppression as a means to ease the steady decrease of extra body fat.

This is precisely what the manufacturers of Phentemine 375 (commonly referred to as Phen375) aim to achieve. Through the use of carefully chosen, pharmacy quality ingredients, the numerous benefits of the Phen375 diet pills have already convinced many experts and satisfied buyers of the clear, positive results they can bring.

Is Phen375 Really What You’ve Been Looking For?

Diet pills generally have a bad reputation as far as using them on a regular basis is concerned. However, most of the cases in which mild side effects were spotted generally resulted from the improper use of these products, as stated by many top medical specialists.

Phen375 was designed to dramatically reduce the frequency of such unwanted occurrences, while also presenting a few important benefits you might not have expected:

The ingredients used to manufacture the pills are considered to be completely safe, having been cleared for use by the FDA and considered by most experts to successfully making weight loss much easier than it normally is.
They will make you consume less calories and benefit to a greater extent from any type of weight loss diet you may be using.
Phentemine 375 was designed to target your metabolism, making it easier to maintain your energy levels despite the reduced consumption of foods containing high calorie levels.
For less than $4 a day, you can start losing an average of 25 pounds per month, and although the practical results tend to differ from person to person, the use of Phen375 as part of a weight loss diet has proven to be more than effective in the long run.

Even though diet pills might not have been your first choice in the past when it comes to losing weight, there are a few more things about products such as Phen375 that may change your mind.

The Advantages of Appetite Suppression

One of the most remarkable advantages you get when you start using Phen375 is the fact that you’ll never crave sweet, spicy or fat food anymore as you did before. As a high quality appetite suppressant, the product comes with a few pleasant surprises, many of which are very difficult to find when it comes to other similar weight loss supplements:

Phen375 uses a few special, pharmacy quality ingredients that promote appetite control. They will make you feel like you’re completely satisfied and reduce your desire to consume many of the destructive foods and beverages you may have gotten used to.
Many appetite suppressants are able to help you lose up to 10% of your current body weight. This means that if you weigh 150 lbs, they can easily assist you to lose up to 15 pounds. The Phentemine pills have been proven to exceed those results, while still allowing you to remain balanced, presenting no side effects and inducing an overall state of well being.
One of the best things about appetite suppressing products is that they can be used together with virtually any type of weight loss diet, and you’ll still be able to eliminate a lot of fat with their help, provided that you maintain a healthy lifestyle.
In terms of side effects, appetite suppressing drugs and supplements like Phen375 are unlikely to present any negative effects as a result of their long term use, that rarely last for a longer time even in the case of lower quality appetite suppressants.

 What Can You Expect from Phen375?

Phen375 has been commended on review sites by numerous satisfied buyers who took a chance to try out the pills in spite of the bad reputation that most diet pills may have. You can get a better idea of just what to expect from the product by listening in on some of the testimonials written by people who have been successfully using the product for quite some time.

Most of them state that they started noticing results from the first week of use, and not only did the pills help them lose an average of up to 5 lbs per week, but according to some claims, they also promoted increased vitality, confidence, relaxedness and a general sensation of well-being that significantly reduced the stress and anxiety that many of the people using them have reported in the past when using certain diets.

Phen375 may quite possibly represent the best choice you can make as an alternative to expensive and dangerous procedures such as liposuction – which only removes up to 6 lbs, while in most cases creating some serious side effects.

With the revolutionary Phen375 diet pills, however, you can get all the benefits of losing weight fast without spending a lot of money on any other products and treatments and without the use of tiresome workout exercises that won’t even scratch the surface of what these remarkable pills can really do.