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HCG Diet Makes You Lose Weight in No Time

HCG diet advocates say you can lose pounds without the hassle of doing so. You can see how your flabs melt away. You want to lose weight fast that you become very interested on trying a new weight loss plan.

You hear about successful stories of persons losing weight on TV, newspapers and magazines that you want to follow their path too. Annually, it seems many press releases about newer diet programs are out.

Just like other weight loss plans like “South Beach”, “Dukan”, “Atkin’s”, “Cohen”, HCG diet is a much talked-about remedy for trimming down.

HCG Diet

This is a diet fad that gained much popularity quickly because of various testimonials about its success in weight loss. Coupled with a great marketing strategy, it is impossible that HCG diet won’t get much attention from weight-watchers.

Celebrities who have tried this weight loss plan vouch of its effectiveness which explains the “bandwagon effect”.

However, reports warning about the dangers of weight loss schemes which involve cutting down large amounts of food from different food groups came out. You have been warned about these diet fads.

Also, many stories from customers who are unsatisfied of HCG diet have raised a controversy about such weight loss plan.


500 Calorie Limit

You can survive having a low calorie diet for several weeks and months. Is it for long term? That answer is a big “NO”.

HCG diet allows you to trim down fast yet its protocol can only be followed within a short span of time. When you content yourself with a 500 calorie intake a day, you allow your system to burn body fat for energy.

This is why you are likely to lose a lot of weight for sure.

However, the downside of HCG diet is that it may deprive you of the essential nutrients your system needs. Think of the different nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbs, essential fatty acids and antioxidants that you will be depriving your body of.

Those various HCG diet menus are available to keep your system properly working, nutritional deficiency is not uncommon.


How is It Done?

HCG diet will require you to eat within a limit of 500 calories a day. This involves several phases. You may be required to walk an hour a day, take HCG supplements and eat an apple daily.

There are different HCG diet menus from which you can choose from. However, this type of diet plan will make abrupt changes to dieting which can leave you unwanted effects especially when done inappropriately.

What are HCG Injections?

Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone of pregnancy. It is derived from the placenta of a pregnant woman. It is made into a synthetic substance which you can have through an injection.

This is said to stifle your appetite which allows you to adhere to a low calorie diet such as in HCG diet. However, some health experts do not believe such effect from the synthetic hormone.

Though HCG works in regulating other hormones in pregnancy, it does not cause significant changes to dieting as claimed by some scientists.

Aside from not getting much benefit from an HCG injectable, you can put your health at risk of developing serious health conditions.

Since human chorionic gonadotropin regulates other hormones in the body, you can alter the hormonal balance within your system. This may lead to medical problems such as forming cysts and tumor growths.


There are some health experts who believe that the synthetic form of HCG does not cause significant changes in weight loss promotion. It does not curve appetite according to some.

You can cause hormonal fluctuations by getting HCG injection specifically on the hormones progesterone and estrogen.

Health experts warn you of the risks of developing ovarian cysts and tumor growths in getting shots of the synthetic hormone. Cancer is definitely a concern in such case.

What HCG Diet Advocates Say

You may have heard about fascinating weight loss testimonies about HCG diet. HCG advocates such as doctors who offer services to their clients using such diet plan protocol believe that indeed this method of losing weight is effective.

Taking different HCG menus will prevent nutritional deficiencies to occur. This type of weight loss plan needs close supervision by an HCG Diet specialist. You may need to have clinic visits for your progress to be monitored, to get shots of synthetic HCG and for health reasons.

Must you try this diet fad? You are to decide on this matter. Weigh the benefits and the risks you may get from HCG diet.

Is HCG Diet for You?

You are so desperate to lose weight. You want to trim down fast that a weight loss plan like HCG is one of your options. However, know more about this diet fad before entrusting your health to it.

You know the effects of crash diet to your body. Is it a long term diet plan? You may agree that eating within a 500 calorie daily requirement is not a great idea.

Do a more in-depth background check on HCG diet plans before trying it!


Alteril – Don’t Miss Your Next Dream!

Why Choose Alteril: Why All Natural Is Good

What makes Alteril different from many other insomnia remedies is that it is all made from natural ingredients. This is a very important fact since sleeping pills not made of natural ingredients tend to cause undesirable side effects. Some sleeping pills cause headaches, blurred vision, nausea, diarrhea, and memory loss. Other medicines are also not advised by doctors as they cause users to become addicted to them.

How Alteril Works

Alteril has four ingredients that are essential to sleeping: Melatonin, L-Tryptophan, L-Theanine and Valerian. Melatonin and L-Tryptophan, also known as circadian cycle, are compounds essential in regulating the body’s internal clock. These compounds help release certain chemicals in the body which not only regulates the internal clock but also inform the brain that it is time to get some rest.

Meanwhile, L-Theanine can help reduce stress and anxiety which usually disrupts sleep patterns of people. What it does is that it increases Alpha brain waves that are usually present when the brain is at rest so in essence this ingredient tells the brain to relax.

Valerian is another ingredient that provides a sedative to the body. Simply put, this ingredient helps the body ease any tension and relax leading it to sleep fitfully. Unlike other prescription drugs though, Valerian is a natural substance that people are unlikely to become addicted to.

With all of these ingredients, Alteril can definitely help people enjoy sleeping again without undergoing the nasty side effects that come with other sleeping pills. The pill also contains other natural ingredients which are also helpful in providing people some well-deserved sleep, like Lemon Balm (stress reducer), Passion Flower (removes restlessness), Chamomile (relaxes nerves), and Hops (a natural sedative).

Alteril, being an all natural sleeping pill, is recommended by many physicians all over the globe. Using Alteril, people with insomnia can definitely get better sleep without having to worry about feeling light-headed or groggy the following day.


Is Alteril a Scam?

While Alteril is not a scam, it got a bad rep for online sales when it first came on the market. The negative customer response focused on two areas, which I’ll address one by one.


Alteril was first offered as a rebill product. In other words, try it free for seven days and if you don’t like it, cancel. If you didn’t cancel, they would automatically send out a 30-day supply and bill the customer’s credit card. Sometimes the product arrived a day or two before this time period was over and sometimes after.

When you buy Alteril, there is a generous 60-day return policy for the product. That’s right, you have 60 days to decide whether you think Alteril is helping you sleep.

Customer Service

Bad customer service complaints are also tied into the original rebill offer through Biotab Nutraceuticals. Orders not being cancelled uniformed operators, etc.

We simply don’t go through Biotab Nutraceuticals. We use Leading Edge Marketing for all our health related products. Not only do they have friendly and responsive customer service, they make it a point to give customers enough time to genuinely review a product. They also crack down on any affiliate who makes false or misleading claims about any of their products.


Alteril Side Effects

While most people who take Alteril Sleep Aid and review it almost never report side effects, some people have reported side effects when taking Alteril.

First of all, if you are on any kind of prescription drug, always talk to your doctor or medical advisor before adding an herbal supplement.

Secondly, if you are on selective reuptake inhibitors or SSRI, talk to your doctor before taking Alteril.

Some users have reported headaches, indigestion and dizziness after taking Alteril.

While it can’t be guaranteed that these side effects are directly attributable to Alteril, I prefer to err on the side of caution and report other consumer responses. We want you to be able to make an informed choice before you purchase the Alteril Sleep Aid system.

Provillus Hair loss remedy

When you understand what causes hair loss, you’ll understand why most people feel that Provillus is one of, if not the best product for hair loss on the market.

One of the mail reasons for hair loss is the build up on the scalp of DHT (dihydro testosterone). The reasons are many why we build this substance on our scalp and they include – anxiety – stress – dehydration – and many more.

To address these problems of hair, Provillus uses a topical lotion and an all natural herbal supplement, the herbal supplement on its own can block the DHT build up, for the other causes that bring on hair loss (anxiety, stress, etc.) you need a lifestyle change.

One of the main ingredients in Provillus is Saw Palmetto, well known for blocking DHT, the others are – Biotin – Magnesium- Zinc- Minoxidil 5% (the only FDA approved substance for hair loss treatment) and a lot more of natural ingredients.

Provillus treats hair loss as a two front war. While you’re taking the natural supplements daily, you must use the topical solution (Minoxidil 5%)  twice daily on a dry scalp for it to be effective. By the way… Minoxidil is the only FDA approved substance for hair loss treatment.

Minoxidil has been used by all successful hair loss products, but in of itself will not reduce DHT buildup. Having this ingredient along with the other ingridients that Provillus utilizes is why this product is so popular in the hair loss market.

The end result is that for hair loss products to be effective, they need a good DHT blocker along with the best natural ingridients to facilitate hair growth.

Provillus, along with Minoxidil – Palmetto and the other natural ingredients have shown in reviews and testimonials, to get the job done in giving you back your hair, where you actually want it, on your scalp.

There are many reasons to try Provillus, the main one of course is getting your hair back. Provillus is made for both Men and Women. Read about their special offer where you can receive 2 Months Free. The company is so confident about its product that it offers a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee.

I wish all of you a beautiful head of hair.

What All-natural Cellulite Cures Function Greatest?

The above is only a modest slice from the total as it concerns  buy Revitol Stretch Mark cream. As usual, you can multiply your efforts when your knowledge is more comprehensive and deeper. In a moment, we will talk about this deeper kind of knowledge that we feel greatly builds upon the above. You will find it to be very useful in  so many ways, and some of it is very specific to your particular needs.

There are millions of individuals which are currently struggling from cellulite. A few of them are searching for cellulite cures while others do not. No matter the situation, we have got to be able to comprehend that there are a lot of things which can be carried out.

Most individuals are going to get online plus select a product. In this particular case you have to make sure that the chosen product is actually good and that the results that are promised are going to be presented. You can effortlessly search for critiques and see what customers are stating regarding it. This may assist you buy the greatest feasible product but presently there are also other things which can be carried out. Opposite to what you might have thought, different cellulite cures can be used together plus you can get the actual outcomes that you are searching for faster if people do this.

Exactly why Natural Cellulite Cures?

The best reason why you should also incorporate natural cellulite cures with your plan to eliminate nasty dimples is always that this assists you in achieving the wanted results much faster. Never make use of a celebrity diet due to the fact that this doesn’t work and stop contemplating expensive procedures for a moment. Many people do not want them and also the answers are not going to last very long. Using the natural cellulite cures which everybody has access to you are basically making the first step towards getting rid of cellulite in a way that it will help out a great deal in making sure that it never appears again.

Good Natural Cellulite Cures

The human skin always must regenerate. In order to achieve this you can always use exfoliation. This can be a process through which you are likely to scrub the skin’s surface of most old skin debris. The result is quite immediate also it basically means a better skin as new cells can appear faster.

Your skin also needs moisture because a lack can result in a quicker maturing. If you manage to maintain your own skin moisturized all the time you are basically guaranteeing that it’ll look better and remain stronger for an extended time period
The physician will always tell you to drink loads of water. This also helps plenty in working with cellulite for the reason that skin can retain elasticity better when it is properly hydrated. Do not wait until you are usually thirsty to drink a glass of water.

You should also seriously consider figuring out no less than 3 times each week. You may be really surprised how much that can help. It produces numerous benefits and one of them is offering your body more weapons to fight cellulite deposit build-up.

The bottom line is that there are many natural cellulite cures that you can use. You will not lose anything if you use them in a combination with a product that you might have bought. In fact, you will only have gains and you will naturally help your whole body to fight this issue.


Why Does Meratol Work to Help People with Obesity?

Meratol is a great product that is developed by Advanced Health. This is one of the most popular weight loss supplements in the UK. There are many benefits that people can get from this product. It is very popular as the weight loss supplement. Many people are happy with the result of this product. They are happy because they can stop their obesity problems after consuming this product regularly. There are several reasons why this ingredient is very powerful to help people who have obesity problems. Here are some important things that you need to know about this product.

  1. Improve metabolism

This is the first benefit that people can get by consuming Meratol regularly. This product contains Capsicum extract as one of its ingredients. This is a powerful ingredient that is commonly used in many weight loss products. This extract can act as the best fat burner. People can use this ingredient to boost their metabolism. As the result, people can improve their calorie burning rate by 12 times. By improving the body metabolism, people can start losing their weight significantly. All fat molecules will be burned very quickly in our body.

  1. Suppress appetite

This is another great mechanism from Meratol. After consuming this product regularly, people can start to suppress their appetite. This effect is caused by the Cactus extract contained in Meratol. This ingredient can act as the best natural appetite suppressant. That is the reason why this ingredient is used in this product. Many experts recommend this product for all people who want to lose their weight effectively. Some studies show that this ingredient can help people reduce their weight gain by controlling water loss in the human body. Managing water loss is believed to be one of the most effective ways in reducing weight gain.

  1. Reduce calories from foods

This product contains Prickly Pear extract. This ingredient is very powerful to help people reduce their weight effectively. This extract has soluble fiber that is good for the weight loss program. Soluble fiber from Prickly Pear extract works by improving the size of the fat molecules. As the result, our body cannot digest these big fat molecules. Many studies show that prickly pear can reduce calories from fats in our diet significantly. Because of this mechanism, Meratol can reduce body weight effectively. This product can also prevent our body from gaining weight quickly because of Prickly pear extract.

They are some important things that people need to know about Meratol. it is a great ingredient for people who want to stop their obesity problems. There are many positive reviews about this product, for more info check here – http://themeratolreviews.com/. These reviews show that this product is very effective for most people. People can lose excess weight without having to restrict their food consumption. They can eat foods that they want. It is a perfect time for people who want to purchase this product because there are some discount deals for this product. This product is also very affordable for most people who want to lose weight easily.


HPV – Human Papilloma Virus

The Human Papilloma virus (HPV) is one of the most commonly transmitted sexual viruses in the United States, and unfortunately as many as 50% of sexually active individuals will transmit genital HPV at some point in their lives, yet most of the time they don’t even know they have it. Fortunately most people never experience health problems or even develop symptoms, and in most cases the immune system clears it up naturally in just a couple of years. There are cases however when the virus doesn’t naturally clear itself up, and in rare cases can even cause cancer which is why it’s important to get medical attention if you are seeing the signs of HPV.

One of the most common signs of HPV are genital warts which usually appear as a group of warts, or a single wart in the genital area. They can be different sizes, flat or raised, or shaped like cauliflower. Health care professionals can easily identify warts during an office visit. The warts can show up in weeks or months following sexual contact with an infected sexual partner, even if they aren’t showing signs of the virus. If the warts are left untreated, they more than likely won’t go away on their own and may even increase in size and/or number. In most cases they won’t turn to cancer but if you want to be sure, it’s always a good idea to confirm it with a doctor.

Once you’ve you have been checked for cancer, which you should have done if you are suffering from HPV, then your only real repercussion from this disease is the warts themselves. Warts are a bit of a taboo in our society and most people are bothered by the way they look and just want to get whatever treatment they need to get rid of them and move on. By treating warts early on you can quickly dissolve them however with a virus like HPV they can resurface or can spread to places on the body. There’s even the chance that other kinds of warts will pop up such as Plantar or Flat warts.

All of the warts mentioned here have their own characteristics but typically they look about the same.

Some of them will be flatter and more painful than others, and can appear just about anywhere with Plantar warts appearing on feet. Some of the “body” warts are harder and will pop up on your appendages as well. It’s important to treat them as soon as you possibly can so that they won’t continue to resurface, making sure that they completely dissolve.

There are countless medications on the market that treat warts; unfortunately most of the strong iconic treatment options require a prescription. There are some topical creams that are said to reduce the appearance of warts but most of them won’t do anymore than lessen their visual appearance and soothe your skin. Going to a doctor can be expensive and the prescription topical creams, while effective, come with a variety of side effects that aren’t really necessary when it comes to dealing with warts, at least these days. Luckily Wartrol, a highly rated wart treatment offers an alternative that won’t just treat everyday warts but warts caused by HPV as well, prescription free and from home, fore more info go to http://wartrol-review.org/.

Wartrol combines a variety of FDA approved ingredients and soothing natural oils to make your skin smooth and healthy around the wart while at the same time dissolving it away. You apply it with a small brush, wait 5 minutes with air access; meaning not covering it with clothing or band aids. Then give it a half hour as you go about your day and continue to let the acidic solution dissolve the wart while the oils soothe your skin. If you suffer from HPV or any kind of warts, you owe it to yourself to try Wartrol.

Where to Buy Garcinia Cambogia Extract – Best Price Guaranteed

Garcinia is a tree that is native to tropical and southern Africa, Australia, Asia, and Polynesia.  The fruit is green to pale yellow and looks like a small pumpkin.  Because of its effects on weight loss, It has recently received considerable media attention.  The finest Garcinia Cambogia comes from the small fruit from the rind of the tamarind tree that is grown in parts of India.

Garcinia Cambogia is a diet supplement and has been with us for quite some time.  Garcinia Cambogia has been featured on weekday television performances by a very popular doctor claiming it to be excellent for managing weight.

The fruit, being high in antioxidants, makes it a method for burning fat eliminating the need for other diets.  Garcinia Cambogia performs with its own chemistry suppressing appetite as well.

How Garcinia Cambogia Works

Garcinia Cambogia appears to work within one or two days for controlling appetite.  It begins to work burning deposited fat on the belly and elsewhere.  Fat limits body energy where you feel sluggish and lethargic most of the time.  Burning fat by using Garcinia Cambogia will give you more energy to do the physical things you want to do.  You will eat less and look better in your clothes being thinner and fit.

By watching what you eat in terms of calories, eating less carbohydrates and sugar, you should lose up to 10 pounds in a month.  Exercising will be an added benefit for your weight loss and energy levels.

Garcinia Cambogia has very high levels of hydroxycitric acid (HCA) known for its ability to suppress the appetite, reduce cravings for carbohydrates and sugars, blocking the fat you eat.

Having two key functions, Garcinia Cambogia suppresses the appetite by increasing serotonin levels giving you more control over your emotional eating habits that prevent fat cells from developing preventing the liver from converting sugars into fat.  This would lessen the desire for sugar, junk food, and carbohydrates permitting your weight loss accomplishments.

Both women and men struggle with obesity.  If you have done online research for Garcinia Cambogia, you have seen the pictures are of women.  However, Garcinia Cambogia works for men as effectively.  Men have had success with these products and they are becoming more popular with men for weight loss.

Men lose more weight than women do by having more muscle and that is biological having nothing to do with will power.  Men are more disciplined.  It’s more of a challenge about getting in shape for men.  With women, it’s a process.  For men it’s about meat, fish, eggs.  Men like to eat more like a caveman.  Whatever your reasons, or eating habits, Garcinia Cambogia will benefit your weight loss efforts.

Why It’s Safe

Providing other health benefits, Garcinia Cambogia prevents the buildup of bad cholesterol (LDL), reducing the amount of triglycerides in the body, and increases the level of serotonin in the brain, responsible for good feelings, stable moods, and consistent sleep.

By not interacting with other medications or diet products, Garcinia Cambogia is a perfect diet solution.  You will not feel jittery, shaky, hyper, or nervous because the natural fruit does not contain stimulants as some products that have caffeine.  Make sure you purchase a Garcinia Cambogia product that does not have added ingredients such as caffeine, guarana or other stimulants.  Check the label carefully.

The Best Garcinia Cambogia For You

A pure Garcinia Cambogia product will not contain fillers.  For your success with the best possible loss of weight loss having no side effects, buy pure Garcinia Cambogia online where you will also get a full money back guarantee for the product.

Where to Buy Garcinia Cambogia Extract

You might be asking, ‘where can I buy Garcinia Cambogia?’  But you really want the best quality, not some cheap replica, which could make you sick.

ZetaClear – Is it Ultimate Remedy for Nail Fungus?

Have you been suffering from itching fingernail pain? Finger nail fungus attacks are prevalent among many individuals. You would find millions reeling under the duress of fingernail pains. No one really bothers, until the fungal attack become severe and the pain becomes incessant. Many individuals are sluggish and never take the fungal attack on nails seriously enough. Once the pain increases, and take the form of incessant pain, then, and only then, do people realize the seriousness of the fungal attack .

Fungal attack on your fingernails would make your nails turn yellow. It does more harm to your nails than you could comprehend. It is better to use the best fingernail fungal remover, and heal your fingernails completely.

ZetaClear is perhaps, the best remedy for fingernail pain. It removes rubbish from underneath your nails, and keeps your finger healthy and rubble free. The most striking feature of Zeta clear is its ability to smoothen the skin around your nail, and that in itself is remarkable. Apart from curing your nails, the nail care product also brushes your nails and let them nail shine.

Essential features and its applications

What you would appreciate most about Zeta clear is its compact features. The ingredient section of this nail care product is packed with essential natural herbs and plants that help the nail to get rid of waste. It also gives your nails a new healthy look.

However, in order to “get top of the line” treatment, you need only to apply the nail care product properly. You may use brush to apply the solution on your nail.

Begin by applying a descent amount of gel to your finger nail, or perhaps to your toe nail. Make sure that you use the applicator tip provided, or a brush to spread the gel around the affected nail. It should be done with a lot of care.

Take your time and spread the nail gel carefully so that your nail is completely covered with a layer of gel. You should also slide the gel; or rather push the gel under the nail. By doing so, you ensure that the debris under your nail comes directly in contact with the gel.

Wrap it up with a band aid, and don’t let the band aid slip off. Don’t remove the band aid unlitl you need to  take a shower. Repeat the process for at least a month. You would notice that the yellow deposit under your nail crumbles and comes out. Remove the dirt and keep on repeating its removal, until it comes out from underneath the nail. You would see a vast improvement within 3-4 weeks.


ZetaClear solution is an outstanding nail care product, once you begin using it, you would know how effective the product is. You can make use of the company’s free trial from official website and therefore risk free.

More On Social Anxiety Treatment Options

Over the years many drugs have been used in these anti depressants some forms causing long term dependency combined with unpleasant side effects. One of the first drugs formally approved by the Food and Drug Administration was paroxetine which was sold under the trade name as Paxil, but the results later studies into the efficiency of this drug and the sometimes dangerous side effects lead to much debate. Fluoxetine has been developed and a study completed in 2004 showed marked improvement in over 55% of patients studied.

There are often side effects to SSRIs that are felt while the body adjusts to these drugs and are experienced during the first few weeks of taking the medication. These are likely to include headaches, insomnia, nausea and often changes to sexual behavior. It is still unclear how safe these drugs are to take during pregnancy. Also in the later part of 2004 it was thought there may be a link between SSRIs and juvenile suicide which lead to the Food and Drug Administration issuing a statement warning doctors and parents on this potential danger. Although, given the nature of social anxiety disorders, persons taking SSRIs are unlike to have suicidal tendencies at all.

Other forms of social anxiety disorder medications include other forms of antidepressants called monoamine oxiddase inhibitors (MAOIs) which have been found in some case to be a superior form of medication to SSRIs but due to dietary restrictions required whilst taking this medication, high toxicity in overdose and the fact that it is incompatible with many other drugs its use is severely limited. As an alternative to SSRIs,

Benzodiazepines are a short acting, more potent drug which is often used for short term relief. The long term use of this medication has raised concerns regarding development of drug tolerance and recreational abuse being common. Medications commonly used to treat high blood pressure called beta-blockers, taken in low doses have been found to be helpful for short term use as well and taken before a function or social gathering this drug can mask anxiety symptoms.

Behavioral therapy is another way of dealing with anxiety disorders and may involve techniques such various methods of relaxation, using visual imagery, deep breathing, or positive affirmations. Support groups, for those who seek the camaraderie of talking with people who have experienced similar feelings, and individual therapists are other ways of coping with the effects of anxiety and panic attacks.

What is Oriental Dance?

First of all, my definition of Arabic Dance has all to do with Soul and Heart. I see it as a liberation of the body and of the soul and a precious tool to comunicate my deepest feelings, thoughts and sensations.

I was lucky to have learnt from the best teachers in the world but, as important as the teachers or even more important than them was the conviction that this was “MY” dance, that was already inside of me and my teachers only woke it up and made me remember something I already knew in my heart, in my soul and in my body.

As I grew as a dancer, I realized this was a great way to unite people through common life experiences and feelings that we can express through dance and this emotional comunication has always been the key of all my work in Oriental/Arabic Dance.


Oriental Dance has many designations and different definitions, depending on the perspective you explore.

Belly dance, Dance of the East, “Raks il Sharki” (the arabic term for “Dance of the East”) are different terms for the same ancient art form North Africa, having nothing to do with the Extreme Orient Dances (China, Japan,etc).

In further detail, the Oriental Dance we know in the West can be seen in different oriental countries such as Egypt, Turkey, Morocco, Lebanon, Syria and many other countries but the main historic sources let us believe that what we know nowadays by Oriental Dance was born in Egypt from ancient fertility cults dedicated to the GREAT MOTHER, the feminine deity, the Mother Earth!

Women were the human representation of this GODDESS, the creator and the destroier of life and only women took place at these ancient rituals where music and dance played a vital role as an exquisite way to comunicate directly with the SPIRIT of the MOTHER EARTH.

Since human beings started to develop their brains, they always used dance rituals as a way to free themselves from bad energies, tension, strong emotions and the inner need to unite the human soul with its divine origin.

We can find references to what may have been the origins of Oriental Dance before the 1st pharaonic dinasty, more than 5000 years B.C. and all the clues indicate that this dance was centered on the power – both physical and spiritual – women have to give life, litteraly speaking. The first movements that might have arose from this misterious dance may have developed from the mimic of birth moves and the contractions women do while pushing the new born baby out to life!

The first purpose of Oriental Dance was to re-unite human beings with their divine origin and that was made through dance and music! Women were seen as the human incarnation of the GREAT MOTHER power and their bodies were venered as precious vessels of the Goddess power to create and destroy life.

The fertiliy cults that women developed between themselves – to honour the Goddess and achieve fertility in their own bodies and crops – have some famous representations in statuettes that were found with abundant bellies, breasts and hips as a sign of fertility and prosperity.

The round shapes in women ´s bodies are still part of beauty concepts in the Middle East and many parts of Africa, traces of this ancient cults to fertility.


From these ancient times  until our current days, Oriental dance as suffered several alterations to its original purpose and technique but its soul quality was never completely lost, although commercial interests, imagination and fantasies have altered this dance old knowledge and its immense beauty that comes from within.

Music and dance have had a strong presence in all pharaonic dinasties alterning from religious purposes to pure entertainment mixed with poetry, mimic and acrobatic coreographies.

Although Oriental Dance lost most of its initial religious goal, it has developed from these old times to the harems, the streets and parties all over Middle East and North Africa in some important periods that have shaped the dance we know today mixing its divine allure with the entertainmnt factor that became more proeminent with the passing of the centuries.

Gipsies have been called responsible for the spread of Oriental Dance since pharaonic times and we probably can find Oriental Dance in so many countries today thanks to their endeless journeys and treaps with no destination…

We suppose these same gipsies gathered influences from the different local dances and music of all the countries they passed by , turning Oriental Dance into a fusion dance where we can identify african, egyptian, persian and mediterranean elements mixed all together into an expressive dance suitable to express a wide range of moods, thoughts and feelings.

After the references we have from the use ancient egyptians may have done of this dance, we have the harems and all the phantasies westerners have created from what they imagined these secret places might have been.

The Oriental Dance we come to know nowadays is strongly influenced by the period of the harems prosperity that lasted, at least, until the beginning of the 20th century with several references of the first european travellers to the Middle East and North Africa.

Women from different countries gathered and lived most or all their lives together in these harems that were secluded parts of big sultan´s palaces where oly women and servants (usually eunuchs, usually african slaves that were castrated in order not to fall in temptation with their contact with the secluded women).

Harem/Haram is a word that has different meanings but all of them relate to something forbidden, hidden, apart and secret and that was all these house compartiments were, isolating women from the outside world and offering them, at the same time, the chance to exchange music   and  dance knowledge from their originary countries!

Oriental Dance has been enriched by this exchanging of cultures and we can still find – in Egypt, for instance – dancers that came from famous entertainment troupes of that time such as the egyptian dancers “gawazy” that were known for their “free ways” of presenting themselves in public – streets, public parties and events – and to foreigners, combining dance with prostitution for which they gained bad fame until our current times.

We also still find elements from the erudite performers called “Almeh´s” in Egypt and, as opposed to the gawazy dancers, we know that these troupes were organized and had a leader called “ustaza”, an older performer who taught and organized the performers to present themselves only in harems and private parties for women, never allowing themselves to be seen by men and foreigners. This class of performers knew music   (they plaied musical instruments), dance and poetry and had a high education level that contributed to their respectful fame.

Oriental Dance developed in different countries of the Middle East and North Africa but no other country has praised, developed and lived this ancient dance as Egypt.

Until today, Egypt is the mother of Oriental Dance and it was in this country that this dance developed most in artistic and entertainment levels having the most famous dancers in the world known for their charisma, dance expertise, talent and ability to captivate audiences from all over the world that came to Cairo to watch them.

Dancers like Naima Akef, Tahia Carioca and Samia Gamal (from the thirties and forties of the 20th century) made famous appearances in the nightclub scene in Cairo and in cinema turning Oriental Dance into a public phenomenon full of “glamour” and artistic value, elements that we couldn´t find before them associated to arabic dance.

These dancers also responded to the entertainment factory demands by adding new technical elements to the dance turning it into a more suitable, dinamic and interesting dance form for the stage and the cinema audiences and the most noticeable changes can be identified in the ballet movements they added to the dance (specially Samia Gamal who also received training from a russian ballet teacher hired to develop her “arm work” that was very poor).

After these cinema divas, we can find several famous dancers that contributed to the Oriental Dance promotion in Egypt and in the world. Dancers like Souhair Zaki, Mona El Saied, Fifi Abdou, Nagwa Fouad, Nadia Hamdi, Zizi Moustafa, Nelly, Lucy   and many others have recreated Oriental Dance, adding their own movements and talent to it and contributing to the dance art form we find today all over the world.

The youngest generation doesn´t count with many famous figures as dance is passing hard times in the Middle East thanks to may factors (social, political, economical and religious factors) but we can talk about Dina – the most popular dancer in Egypt, although not much appreciated by her dance but by her scandals, daring dance dresses and cinema appearances in popular roles – and Randa Kamel, an excellent dancer that can be seen in several nightclubs, hotels and weddings as well as a few foreigners that, like me, have developed or are developing carreers in the challenging, difficult world of Cairo night life. Asmahan – from Argentina – Souraya – from Brasil and Nour – from Russia   are the names most dancers know and the ones that have worked in Egypt for a longer period of time.

Oriental Dance has lost most of its magic and has turned into an entertainment form that gathers contradictory points of view. Although egyptians can ´t live without arabic dance and music – being part of their daily lives at their homes, weddings and all kinds of celebrations and daily activities – they also have a negative regard towards the dancers that perform it professionally, in public! Promiscuity , corruption and prostitution are related with professional dancers until today and these artists suffer – some fairly and some unfairly – from segregation and disrespect due to their job and the bad qualities that are associated with it.

In a society where the female body has been more and more hidden (thanks to the extremist religious parties present in the government), dancers are seen almost as “streap teasers” who expose their bodies – not necessarily their art! – in public in exchange for money.

This environment turns the dance work more and more difficult and that´s why many of the real artists are choosing to quit working in dance, marry, have a family (a supposed “respectful” life) instead of performing in a society that sees them as disrespectful human beings, never being recognized by their art. I suffer from this current phenomenon and only one that lives it can evaluate how hard it is to keep on inspired and centered in her art, despite the agressive and ignorant environment.

Although this dance is living hard times in the arabic countries, it´s   enjoying  a great popularity all over the world and a proof ot that phenomenon is the thousand of dancers and students that travel to Egypt every year to participate in the Dance Festivals that occur around here.

As a professional dancer and an actual performer in Cairo, I can only do my best at my work – when I´m teaching and performing or simply talking about my love for this dance – to contribute to the better conditions of artist in Egypt an all over the world, hoping that this marvellous dance will be respected and appreciated as it deserves as soon as posible.

That´s the all point of my work in Egypt and in the world.


 What´s Oriental Dance?


To define Oriental Dance is a difficult and , I think, unglorious task. Many things have been written about it and its history has been more or less efectively traced by different authors but, in fact, we have more doubts about its origin than certainties.

Besides the historical facts that define the development of this ancient dance through centuries – and thousands of years- there is the definition of what it really is, in the past as today.

Is it a form of art? A form of entertainment? An exotic and superficial way egyptians found to entertain and capture the attention of foreigners visiting the Middle East? A way of connection with God and finding oneselves through music and dance? A way to celebrate life and its joyous times? A little bit of all this or none of this definitions?

I remember that my idea and definition of this dance was , somehow, simple and pure when I first met with this art. I also know my own definition has changed with time as I grew from a simple student – like thousands all over the world – to be number one dancer in my own country and from Portugal to Egypt where I currently perform and work full time.

From that pure vision I had as a student when Oriental Dance was “only” my way of connecting with myself , relax and be in peace with me and the world to the actual moment, so many changes have happened and so my perspective has also changed not drastically but significantly.

I see myself nowadays feeling Oriental Dance as a demanding form of art and entertainment as I perform in the Mecca of this art and the market and it´s competition machine ask me for more and more and more…I´ve searched for different formulas and tried different audiences, western and arabic ones and the complexity of the theme grows each day while my “for sure facts” vanish and evapore in the complex air of Egypt and its performing circuit where I´m working in.

From the beginning until now, there are some notions that confirm themselves as I see Oriental Dance is , in fact, a very human, pure, organic and   universal form of communication resting inside of every human being in this planet.  This I know for sure.

But I also know now that it is part of an entertainment system with complexities and a difficult past that still lives until today in arabic countries.

Oriental Dance is , besides an art form, a very popular form of entertainment in arabic countries and a growing fashion in the world, building up and growing every year to the benefit of so many persons that enjoy its incredible gifts.

We already mentioned the Art form, the Entertainment form but there´s still that wonderful, mysterious richness inside of Arabic Dance that allows us to be ourselves, enjoy our bodies , personality and soul. This was the first thing that attracted me into Oriental Dance: the way it made me feel about myself and the world around me. It´s a therapeutical kind of dance and its benefits go far beyond the physical ones, it´s much more than that…you simply rediscover your body and the natural pleasure and joy of being in it, feeling it and expressing all your joys, anger, happiness, sadness and in-betweens through the music.


*/(a brief appointment of how things happened until today…)/*

As I previously mentioned, the origins of Oriental Dance are uncertain and impossible to declare with all certainty and facts because it´s too remote and the serious research already made about it is not clear enough, giving origin to different theories.

What seems to be more accurate is that Oriental Dance – refering to the Middle East Dance – was created as a way to communicate with God. There are registers of Oriental Dance being created from ancient fertility rituals performed by women in a time when society lived by a Matriarchal Divine worship. Women were seen as the personification of God and their fertile bodies as the materialization of the Divine power to give life and take it back (the phenomenon of giving birth and death).

Women joined together and must have created a simple, organic movement system consisting of some mimic of the giving birth process and perform them in a way that allow them to release themselves from their “just human” side and be part of the “Great Mother” power, the Divine Feminine Power that regulated Nature and its phenomenons, the tides, the moon phases and women´s natural rhythms of the body (menstruation cycles , fertile age and menopause age, etc). They would celebrate the crops, the births in the community and other natural significant events by dancing to the Goddess within themselves and that seems to be the point from where Oriental Dance was born.

Babylon and its famous culture must have been the birth place of Oriental Dance and it has developed from these rituals of communication with the Divine to a more or less spiritual form of entertainment in the pharaonic  times. Here you can find scenes of dancing with drums, flutes and other kind of instruments in an environment that became not purely religious but entertainment focused too.

Although it was a very appreciated form of entertainment, Oriental Dance was misunderstood from the very beginning and the original context from which it was born got lost in between so many centuries and changes that it faced.

Since its origins, Oriental Dance has been used to join both human and divine spheres together in an Unique BEING but it has developed from its restricted rituals scenarios   to the public eye, responding to this new demanding of an audience that had to be entertained.

Its history also counts on the Egyptian dancers of the 19^th century ahead that spread the dance all over the Arabic world and even Europe, leaving clear influences in some of the most significant European dances (like the Flamenco of Spain, for instance).

When foreigners start to visit Egypt and another East countries, they find the answear to all the fantasies they carried about this mysterious part of the world. They dreamt of mischievous and luxury concubines available at every corner, fatally seducing poor men who had no power toward their magical charms and their seductive dance.

In this time, we could find in Egypt the famous “Gawazy” (gipsy street dancers not respected by the locals or foreigners but, by far, the most famous performers of their time) and the “Almehs” (educated artists, often cultured and dominating music, instrument playing,  poetry, literature, dancing) who only performed inside of harems where an exclusive feminine audience could be found.

Foreigners  dreamt about a world of harems (and they DID exist but not in the terms they had imagined) full of odalisques laying down on rich Persian carpets, smoking their water pipes and dancing to men as a way of seducing them and oriental dancers came to answear them in the language they   they wished to be talked to: seduction.

So Oriental Dance started to be connected with seducing methods and its movements and richness reduced to a series of mechanisms to grab men´s attention and sexual desire and make money out of touristic less than professional presentations.

Then the first World Exposition came in 1881 in Chicago (United States of America) and Oriental Dance was presented to the West through this big event, confirming the image foreigners already had about Oriental Dance as a seduction, exotic and simplistic dance form serving men´s fantasies and desires.

In the 20^th century, a big turn took place in Egypt with the cinema advent and the rising stars of Tahya Karioca, Samia Gamal, Naima Akef and many other names who took Oriental   Dance to the big screens (still in a simplistic way and almost always playing the role of the seductive, low level dancer who destroys homes and respectful marriages with her shameful job, tempting men and leading them to disgrace!).

A dance who was seen only in the streets, at first, at private parties and in the night club circuit later was presented with a glamour coverage on the Egyptian cinema screens and the status of the dancers was considerably raised from that moment on.

From this period of flourishing in the oriental dance scene until now, we´ve seen many changes in the Oriental  Dance history and the last generation of big Egyptian dancers is ending (with the Egyptian dancer Lucy), in my opinion.

Dancers like Souhair Zaki (that I was privileged to see dancing live in a festival), Mona El Said, Fifi Abdou, Nagwa Fouad, Lucy and so many other brilliant performers as well as the great musicians that joined them in their work seem to have vanished and left a hole in the Cairo dance scene that was not fulfilled until now.

As a dancer performing in Cairo, I have contact with Egyptian dancers of my generation and older ones that are on top right now (like Dina, Randa Kamel, to mention the two most important names in the scene) and I can say with all the property and certainty that this dance seems to be dying in Egypt at the same pace that is growing throughout the world.

Even dancers like Dina and Randa Kamel who perform in Egypt for about 15-20 years and enjoy now the most successful times of their career are benefiting of this world craze mood for Oriental Dance and, as dancers of the world, we thank God for it.

From the foreigners dancing in Egypt, I can only mention two names:  Asmahan and Soraya (argentinian and brazilian , respectively).   Asmahan is performing in Cairo for about 20 years and Soraya is doing it at least for ten years, as much as I know and both are examples of professionalism and admirable for the stamina, strength and intelligence needed to survive and build a career in the Meca of Oriental Dance, Cairo.

As a dancer performing in Cairo, I know by myself the hardships of building a name in Cairo (if you want to do it honestly and not through prostitution as it usually happens and it´s commonly accepted) and I owe my biggest respect to Asmahan who has never stopped to create and reinvent herself and her work. I don´t consider her the best dancer but the most professional, hard working performer in Cairo for a long time, always trying to innovate and do better, different things despite the lack of respect and appreciation we, as oriental dancers, have to face in Egypt.

I´m part of history of this dance and I´m very proud to be performing in Cairo so I can only hope history will prove me wrong and I can contribute – with another gifted, honest artists – for the reborn of the Egyptian respect for their own music and dance.

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